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Transfer Your Cherished Family Moments From Tape to DVD

Many of us have home video tapes from years ago, but they don’t have to sit there gathering dust. Have them transferred to DVD and watch them for years to come!

There have been so many different home video tape formats over the years, and it’s frustrating when these become obsolete as the technology changes. Transferring the tape to DVD is the easiest way to savour these special memories.

Based on the Isle of Wight, Maurice Gilliam has the technology to transfer most tape formats onto either region 1 or region 2 DVD.

Have a video that’s formatted for a different country? No problem, as Maurice can handle NTSC – SECAM and PAL, subject to copyright protection restrictions.

Tape to DVD Transfer Prices

  • Family home video footage (most tape formats) to DVD Region 1 or 2 (unedited) – From £10 per disc
  • NTSC-SECAM-PAL conversion in all combinations – From £10 per tape or disc

Have you got some old family footage you want to save? Call 01983 528 970

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